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 Beyond the finish line, Gildan Esprit de She is a community of active women connected by a shared desire to celebrate fitness and fun, sisterhood and strength. Our Gildan Esprit de She Ambassadors are the personification of the spirit of her, sharing their journeys and inspiring other women every day.

You are invited to join our Gildan Esprit de She Ambassador team and represent our brand, share your journey and inspire other women to do the same.



Jamie Pridmore
Moody, Alabama

About Jamie:

23 years young and lovin’ every minute of my adventurous life! God and family come first and my adventures come second.



Jaime Chisholm-Dailey
Phoenix, Arizona


Denise Hawken-Collins
Phoenix, Arizona

About Denise:

I am an avid swimmer that decided to wake up my workout routine. This year I am challenging myself by participating in four Olympic distance triathlons and two duathlons. I am an AEA certified water fitness instructor at Life Time Fitness in Tempe. My blog features personal goals, workouts and information that has motivated me along my journey.


Dana Kennedy
Phoenix, Arizona
Facebook page



Jamie Ivins
San Clemente, California


Wilma Dibs
Foothill Ranch, California


Ann Kelly
Oceanside, California


Angela Boswell
Twentynine Palms, California
Facebook Page

About Angela:

I’m Angie, a PROUD mom to a 2-year-old, and a Marine Corps spouse. I’ve been a triathlete for six years now, and enjoy REDEFINING ATHLETICISM! I may not be the fastest, but I’m all heart when I’m racing. I also serve as a 2016 Pearl Izumi Tri Champion Team Member, and planning quite a few new adventures for myself, with the family. I’m currently in the process of relocating to Bend, Oregon, going back to school and applying for a Didactics Internship, and creating a new business that I’ll be sharing on Facebook once completed.


Carissa Howard
Riverside, California
Facebook page

About Carissa:

I’m Carissa. I’m the mom of two busy kids and wife to one amazing man. I have only been a runner for a few years and I am learning to love it. Most of my runs are stroller-runs, but I love it that way! I am learning to make the most of my time with my kids and am enjoying encouraging them to “run” too! I think as women and moms, we set the example for our families and I want my family to grow up healthy and strong! Last year’s super sprint tri was my first attempt at swimming and biking and it was TOUGH! I am excited to train harder this year and am hoping it will get a bit easier! I’m active in my local Moms Run This Town chapter and am hoping to convince a lot of them to TRI with me this year!


Nunzia Lopez
Murrieta, California

About Nunzia:

I’m Nunzia, a wife to an amazingly supportive husband, a mom to three active boys, a daughter, a sister and a friend. My love for fitness and health continues to grow daily! I’m actively involved in yoga, swimming, biking, running and everything in between. I love inspiring and being inspired by others. It’s always an adventure and I’m always ready!


Karen Oliver
Carlsbad, California

About Karen:

In 2010, I decided on a whim to sign up for a sprint triathlon to help get myself back in shape. Since then, health and nutrition have become priorities in my life. I have completed six half marathons, a full marathon, a duathlon, four sprint triathlons (including the Esprit de She San Diego Triathlon twice!) and an olympic distance triathlon. I love to share my passion and experiences with others through my blog and my involvement with Girls on the Run. As a coach, program committee member and a soul-mate, I have fused my love of leading a healthy lifestyle with my teaching background and philanthropic endeavors!


Ericka Pawlowski
San Diego, California
Facebook page

About Ericka:

Hi, I’m Ericka. Mom to four young children ages seven and under, and a Navy spouse. I have been living in San Diego for three years and this is where I found my passion: running. I am an avid runner, triathlete and race junkie. My weekends are spent racing and weekdays spent training. In my spare time I am a Fit4Mom instructor, member of the PTA and run with numerous run clubs in my area. I also enjoy gardening and of course, spending time with my children.


Erin Shapira
San Diego, California



Jamie Ivins
San Clemente, California

About Jamie:

I began walking on the treadmill a little over three years ago to try and lose weight. Before long, I was walking long enough to burn 400 calories and a friend asked if I would run a 10K with them. I replied that I was not a runner, but they continued to ask which soon piqued my interest. I glanced at the mileage on the treadmill and was surprised to find that I had run over five miles, I could easily do one more! I am a founding finisher in the Esprit de She Westminster Run and love motivating others in our Life Time Fitness Run Club with my overwhelming optimism!


Mary Fleming
Denver, Colorado
Facebook page

About Mary:

I fell in love with running as an outlet from my intense life in finance completing marathons and ultra-marathons all over Europe and Asia beginning in 2001. As an RRCA certified coach, I share my passion for running and am able to work with runners of all levels and backgrounds, instilling my focus and drive in all aspects of training. I sees running as a ‘lifestyle choice’ and love helping others orient their daily routines around athletic goals. I live in Denver with my husband and two (soon to be three!) children.


Jane Crothers
Westminster, Colorado

About Jane:

I am a fitness and healthy living advocate. I started running in races in 1994. Since then, I have had two knee surgeries and continue running and cross train to stay healthy and maintain a good outlook on life. My best times are spent outdoors in nature and on the trail. I encourage my grandchildren ages 4, 4, 2 and 1 to be physically active and be outdoors. We have wonderful times together and create lasting memories.


Michele Scriven
Northglenn, Colorado
Facebook page


Heather Brown
Westminster, Colorado



Julie Franklin
Sandy Springs, Georgia
Facebook page

About Julie:

Stay-at-home wife, mom and blogger. As a lover of both the coast, mountains and everywhere in between, there is nowhere this fifth-generation Atlantan would rather be than in Georgia. Along with marriage and motherhood, I started running a little later in life and discovered a very particular set of skills – having fun at races. With eight half marathons completed and my first full marathon this year at 50, I am always looking for my next fun race adventure. I happily discovered interval running for my first half marathon and have been a huge fan since. I may never win my age group, but I do enjoy life from the mid to back of the pack.


Jen Clark
Cumming, Georgia

About Jen:

My journey began last March when I decided to start training for my first half marathon, but it didn’t stop after crossing the finish line. I continue to run to be healthy and stay active, hopefully motivating others along the way.


Brandi Gilbert
Cartersville, Georgia
Facebook page

About Brandi:

You don’t think running can be fun? Follow my adventures at FunnerRunner and I will prove you wrong. From making new friends to traveling and beating goals, there is always a smile on my face while pounding the pavement.


Isabel T. Rivera
Acworth, Georgia
Facebook page
@VeganMomRuns (Twitter)
@veganmomruns (Instagram)

About Isabel:

Me in a nutshell: Mami, teacher, Certified Personal Trainer, run coach and athlete. I run, and I’m vegan! It doesn’t get much simpler than that. I enjoy distances of all levels from short and sassy 5Ks that test my speed to ultras that test my endurance and mental will. If it’s a challenge, I’m there!


Kristin McLendon
Kennesaw, Georgia
Facebook page



Lisa Kelsay
La Grange, Illinois


Catherine Schumacher
Naperville, Illinois


Colleen Kelley
Chicago, Illinois


Fredricka Holloway
Carol Stream, Illinois


Maggie Bieritz
Schaumburg, Illinois


Mary Boyadzhiev
Naperville, Illinois


Gina Madden
Naperville, Illinois
Facebook page

About Gina:

I completed my first tri a few years ago. I showed up with a mountain bike and never having done an open water swim. Yet I had the time of my life and couldn’t wait for the next event. I began to use my training as an outlet for work related stress. After experiencing the Gildan Esprit de She Naperville Triathlon, I realized what an amazing opportunity this organization offers to woman. Now, I tri because I love it and also to show other women that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to love it!


Erica Agran
Chicago, Illinois
Facebook page

About Erica:

I am an avid runner in Chicago and an avid blogger at Erica Finds. I consider myself more of a blogging runner than a running blogger, but my blog posts on health, wellness, fitness, running, deals, new products and ideas attract many runners, too!


Marcia Kadens
Chicago, Illinois
Facebook page

About Marcia:

I’m a mom x 2, marathoner x 7, gardener, baker, yogi, cyclist and more. I started blogging to track my training for the Boston Marathon, but it’s evolved into a place where I share my passion for adventure and healthy, family fun.


Allison O’Connor
Aurora, Illinois

About Allison:

I’m a SAH mom to 8-year-old boy/girl twins. I took up running in 2009 as a bucket list challenge to myself. Since, I’ve run numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and this year will be my first marathon! In 2014, I set a goal to do my first triathlon and loved it! Last year was my first Gildan Esprit de She event and I loved the camaraderie! It is an honor as a newer triathlete to represent Gildan Esprit de She. I hope I can help spread my enthusiasm about the races and the brand to all ladies!


Michelle Niemeyer
Chicago, Illinois
Facebook page

About Michelle:

I’m a 30-something (ok fine…barely) mom to four beautiful girls age nine and under, married to my solemate and love all things running and inspiring. I ran my first marathon in 2013, my first ultra marathon in 2014 and I’m setting the bar really high for my first triathlon in 2015. I’m so excited to be a 2015 Gildan Esprit de She Brand Ambassador. This is quite the journey for me, I’m stepping outside my comfort zone (learning to swim!) to prove that I can do anything I set my mind to. #swimlikeagirl #bikelikeagirl #runlikeagirl


Kelly Mahoney
Chicago, Illinois

About Kelly:

I’m a foodie turned runner who has my eye on a 2014 IRONMAN. My blog,, is about my pursuit of a life of balance while training for endurance events.


Jessica Rangel
Aurora, Illinois

About Jessica:

As a busy mother of two small children, I understand the busy demands of multisport and multisport life. I am a USAT Level 1 coach and have my own coaching business:, where I personally coach athletes of all abilities in their personal triathlon and running endeavors. I am a group exercise instructor for the YMCA and Xsport Fitness, as well as a college professor of Spanish at the College of DuPage. This eclectic lifestyle helps keep my family and I happy, busy and always on the run!


About Brooke:

I spent almost 30 years of my life dedicated to food and NOT exercising. Eventually, I decided to train for a 5K and soon became hooked! After running a marathon the logical next step was TRIATHLON. Esprit de She is my favorite race of the year and I’m currently training for an IRONMAN in September!


Melanie Serauskis
Chicago, Illinois
Facebook page

About Melanie:

To sum myself up in a few words, I am a stay-at-home mom of three, blogger, ultra marathoner, cyclist, Pinterest addict and optimist. I blog about running, cycling, healthy eating and mommy’ing.” I have been running for about four years, blogging for three and cycling for two! My kids inspire me to stay active (mostly so I can keep up with them) and to be a positive role model for them to be healthy, fit and always reaching for the stars!


Lori Thornton
Addison, Illinois
@obstaclelori (Twitter)
@obstaclelori (Instagram)

About Lori:

I grew up bowling and took up running in college. After being involved in an accident in college, I spent over a decade feeling sorry for myself. I decided to try to make a change in my life and be more active. Once I became more active, I became happier. I decided to try to run a 5K. From there, the rest is proverbial history with numerous 5K’s under my belt. As well as four half marathons, and several triathlons. I’m conquering my first half IRONMAN in Florida in April of 2016!


Donna Su
Evanston, Illinois

About Dona:

My blog focuses on Donna BFF: Beauty, Fitness and Food. I am a busy mom of two young children who works full-time at Northwestern University. I also volunteer on several boards including the kids’ school, my sorority and the city of Evanston. The Gildan Esprit de She run is hands down my favorite run that not only empowers women but is fun!


Natali Villarruel
Chicago, Illinois
@nvillar9 (Twitter)
@nvillar9 (Instagram)

About Natali:

After participating in my first 5K, I was hooked and have since gone on to conquer new challenges from marathons to triathlons. Learning to push myself beyond what I thought was possible has helped me encourage others to do the same. I love to uplift and inspire those around me to be healthy and happy.



About Anna:

I am 51 years old and a new runner since May 2012. I have a degree in elementary education, work as a librarian and have two sons. I believe in giving back when the opportunity occurs and hope to pass on my active lifestyle onto others as a way to be healthy and enjoy living when giving back to others.



Jessie Mosier
Burnsville, Minnesota
Facebook page


Andrea Jensen
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Sharma Kiesner
Bloomington, Minnesota


Missy Boser
Maple Grove, Minnesota
Facebook page

About Missy:

In 2012, I committed to changing my life and living a healthy lifestyle. I started my blog to highlight how adding fitness to my life changed not only my body, but also my way of thinking and who I am today. I am hoping that by documenting my journey it will reach others who are trying to make those lifestyle changes as well.


Melanie Dawson
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Facebook page

About Melanie:

I am proud to be a founding member of the Esprit de She running series in the Twin Cities, and have run all four 5K races since its inception. I am passionate about cooking, nutrition, healthy living, playing golf and finding new and exciting ways to spend time with friends and family. I loves traveling, photography, writing, exploring the Twin Cities and inspiring others to come along with me on my adventures. I have been married to my husband, John, for 13 years and am a proud mom to 10 year old daughter, Reese, who plans on running her first Esprit de She soon!


Deena Ebbert
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Facebook page

About Deena:

I am Propellergirl, international speaker, inspirational author and ordinary gal. Inspired by my healthy girlfriends, I¹ve gotten up the gumption to use my 49th year as a training round for the second half of my first century. In 2015, I¹ll be Transformation Tuesday blogging on being brave, finishing what I started, motivation in motion and the folks who help me along the way.


Kandi Ganoe
Maple Grove, Minnesota
Facebook page

About Kandi:

I haven’t always been a runner. I was overweight for the majority of my life and in January 2011, I finally had enough and wanted set a good example for my kids. I began to make some changes, lost 90 pounds in 18 months, found my confidence and became a runner – something I would NEVER have imagined myself to be in a million years. I’ve now run countless 5K’s and six half marathons over the last few years. Today, I am a leader for a very active local chapter of a free national mom’s running group and I continue to enjoy sharing my story to motivate and inspire others. When I was in the midst of my journey, it helped me tremendously to see others who had been successful and I hope I can help others in that same way!


Karin Ulik
Maple Grove, Minnesota
Facebook page

About Karin:

Like most women, I found myself overworked, over scheduled and unbalanced. So I redesigned my life and finally found ongoing flow. A good workout helps by delivering both a physical and a mental challenge. And a good run helps me find calm. Last year I retired from corporate life and now I support busy parents by helping the whole family cut through the noise to create focus and get from where you are to where you want to be in life.


Karen Seal
Edina, Minnesota

About Karen:

I’m a single mom of two fabulous kids, one mellow goldendoodle and a guinea pig that just won’t die. I’ve spent the past three decades working in corporate America, with the last third of that time doing the delicate dance (sometimes it’s more like a Zumba class gone horribly awry) of being a working mother. I’m trying to find my way to balance in working, raising my kids and making ends meet.



Sandra Mathews
Lincoln, Nebraska

New York


Sarah Merchlewitz
New York, New York

About Sarah:

You might think I’m crazy for being a New York City middle school teacher, or you might think I’m crazy for running marathons (sometimes on other continents). Either way, you’d be right, but I’m really just crazy about pursuing a better life. Being part of a community of athletes in a city that can sometimes make you feel anonymous is just one way to do that. On a personal level, running provides me with fun new goals and challenges. And we can’t forget the celebrating or the carbs! That’s better living.

North Carolina


Nan Lujan
Durham, North Carolina
Facebook page

About Nan:

I am a mother of two boys ages six and four. I teach elementary and master’s level. I started running using a run:walk interval program in 2010 and started a running streak in 2012. I have been running daily for more than 800 days. My typical race distance is the half marathon but I’ve done everything from a 5K to a 25K. My blog combines my experiences in the local running community with my love of photography and digital scapbooking. I love seeing new runners develop a love of running and encourage every woman to take at least 15 minutes a day for themselves to do something that they love.


June Caummisar
Apex, North Carolina
Facebook page

About June:

Running fuels my soul, brings me great joy and helps me stay connected to nature and others who share my passion. I’m a forty-something, at-home mom of two girls and a seven-time Boston qualifier. I blog about my running adventures and training.


C. Suzi Jaikaran
Durham, North Carolina
Facebook page


Crissy Fishbane
Raleigh, North Carolina
Facebook page




Amanda Medau
Houston, Texas
Facebook page

 About Brandi:

An average mommy, trying to level up my life, one day at a time!


Leah Egwuatu
Richmond, Texas
Facebook page


Linda Pyeatt
Rowlett, Texas
Facebook page


Xaviera “Xavi” McDuell
Houston, Texas
Facebook page

About Xavi:

A few years ago I would have laughed at anyone who said I would become a runner. However, after seeing a very unflattering picture of myself, I decided to give it a try. I joined the group Black Girls RUN!, began the Couch to 5K Program and used my membership with Life Time Fitness. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with all things related to health and fitness, especially running. As I worked my way towards losing 50 pounds, I began to find myself and realize I actually liked me! I am now an Ambassador for Black Girls RUN!, marathoner and part-time fitness instructor. I strive for progress, not perfection and I try to encourage everyone I meet by sharing my journey. I encourage people to push past their perceived limits, adopt a healthier lifestyle of exercising, eat better, get more rest and maintain a positive outlook and attitude!


Dendy Farrar
Friendswood, Texas
@densfarrar (Twitter)
@densfarrar (Instagram)

 About Dendy:

I represent the average 30-40 year old woman who is busy juggling all areas of her life, but makes running and fitness a priority. It is rarely easy, but it is always worth it. I feel stronger and healthier than I did twenty years ago and I know I am teaching my daughters to value themselves by making themselves a priority. I find it extremely rewarding to coach others in an impromptu manner, in person or online, just by encouragement and offers of support!


Brandi Chase
Katy, Texas
Facebook page

 About Brandi:

I’m a wife, stroller-running momma, sports dietitian and co-owner of The Athlete Stop. I love Sunday afternoon naps, having friends and family over for dinner and helping athletes return to the sport they love!


Bethany Varner
Houston, Texas


Sha-Rhonda Davis
Dallas, Texas

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