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October 2016

Wine, Women & Running: We Talk Workout Wednesday with 9News

Running + yoga + Red Rocks Amphitheatre?! Add in some manicures, wine and a country concert and we’ve got your perfect girls days out this Saturday, October 22 at the inaugural Gildan Esprit de She Red Rocks 5K/10K Run, Yoga and Jana Kramer Concert presented by Sleep Number!

Start your day with a Yoga Rocks! session led by Gina Caputo, follow it with a 5K or 10K timed run, and celebrate your success with a Jana Kramer concert to end your night. Our female-focused event is open to women of all ability levels from beginner to advanced. If you’re interested in learning more about yoga or running, we invite you to grab your girlfriends and come out!

9News takes you to out to Red Rocks to showcase what you can expect on this fun, Saturday afternoon of fitness.



Check Out What FOX31 Denver Has to Say About Our Inaugural Gildan Esprit de She Red Rocks Event

Our first-ever Gildan Esprit de She Red Rocks Run/Yoga/Concert at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a can’t-miss event! It’s a first-of-its kind, female-focused fitness event beginning at 12:30 p.m. this Saturday, October 22.

Choose from a 5K or 10K timed run, one of two separate Yoga Rocks! sessions led by Gina Caputo, and end your night rocking out with Jana Kramer and the Tyler Walker Band. Music starts at 5 p.m. and is open for everyone to attend!

Still wondering why you should attend? Check out this FOX31 Denver segment on what you can expect on this sunny, Saturday afternoon. Reserve your all access pass today!

Top 9 Things to Know About Gildan Esprit de She Red Rocks presented by Sleep Number

Top 9 Things to Know About Gildan Esprit de She Red Rocks presented by Sleep Number

We’re so excited to bring you our showstopper event of the 2016 season — the Gildan Esprit de She Red Rocks presented by Sleep Number 5K/10K, Yoga and Jana Kramer Concert, live from the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre on October 22, 2016! Read on for our top nine things to know about the event, sign up for our All Access Pass and invite your friends to join you for a day of fitness and fun!

  1. Top 9 Things to Know About Gildan Esprit de She Red Rocks presented by Sleep NumberYou get to design your day. Your All Access Pass to Gildan Esprit de She Red Rocks gives you total flexibility in enjoying your time at Red Rocks! Do one or both of the yoga sessions led by renowned yoga instructor Gina Caputo, run the timed 5K or 10K, or mix it up with both running AND yoga. And, of course, your All Access Pass includes a sunset concert with award-winning country artist and current Dancing with the Stars contestant Jana Kramer.
  2. Gina Caputo has two amazing yoga sessions in store. Known as the “Yogini on the Loose,” Boulder’s Gina Caputo came to her mat from an office chair, so she definitely understands the challenges of staying on top of your practice while working in a typical modern workplace. Gina has studied with influential teachers like Shiva Rea and Max Strom, and she’s the Founder and Director of the Colorado School of Yoga. Gina describes her teaching style as Integrated Vinyasa, which emphasizes the fusion of alignment and flow, anatomy and energetics, focus and release, work and play, and her classes are accessible and exciting for beginner and experienced yogis alike. You can get a sneak peek of her class here. Gina’s Yoga Rocks! sessions will take place at 2pm and 3:30pm on October 22.
  3. Your cheer squad is welcome. What’s more motivating than having your friends, family and/or partner to cheer you on during a race? Your cheer squad is welcome to come out to Red Rocks and support you as you run a scenic 5K or 10K. Not to mention, there’s a ton for them to do! Red Rocks is an incredible place for a stroll among the iconic red rock formations, and there are other unique attractions at the park, like the Red Rocks Visitors Center and the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, which honors artists and individuals (like John Denver, Judy Collins and Poco) who have made outstanding contributions to Colorado’s music history. Bar and concessions will open at 1pm, and Jana Kramer’s sunset concert is open to all, so invite your whole crew to get concert tickets and join you for a fantastic evening of music.
  4. Food and celebration libations will be available. While one complimentary beverage is included in your All Access Pass for participants 21 years old and older, Red Rocks’ bar and concession stands will open at 1pm so you can “Pop That Bottle” and refuel for the awesome concert ahead. You may also bring your own snacks for the day, however no alcohol will be allowed into the venue.
  5. We’re offering early packet pickup at Runner’s Roost. Save time on event day by picking up your packet in advance at Runner’s Roost Thursday, October 20 and Friday, October 21! If you opt to get your packet on event day, we recommend arriving early; doors open at 1pm and roads close at 3pm.
  6. Costume changes are totally possible. We’re happy to provide a complimentary gear check for all participants so that you can safely keep a change of clothes and warm layers for the concert on site and also leave your yoga mat if participating in one of the Yoga Rocks! sessions. You’re also free to return to your car before the concert to grab or drop off your belongings.
  7. Jana Kramer is going to rock the stage. Look forward to a mesmerizing evening with country star Jana Kramer as she sings hits like “Said No One Ever” and “Circles” from her latest album “Thirty One.” Jana likely will play for an hour and half, so check out her music on Spotify and get ready to dance and sing along!
  8. Our Lifestyle Market will feature local vendors and other companies we love, with tons of samples and cool things to check out. Sample, pick up freebies and event shop and explore our signature Lifestyle Market after your yoga session or run and pick up free goodies from a collection of more than 30 national and local brands. Don’t miss the Panasonic Beauty Bar powered by LifeSpa, where you can get a massage, manicure or hair braid, or Sleep Number’s demo station, where you can relax on one of their super comfortable mattresses. See below for the current list of partners and vendors, and check the website for new additions as we get closer to event day.
    • Gildan
    • Sleep Number
    • Panasonic
    • Specialized Bicycles
    • Poise
    • Pure Silk
    • The Vision Council
    • SkinFix
    • Lorissa’s Kitchen
    • J.R. Watkins
    • Generation UCAN
    • 5280 Magazine
    • KYGO
    • Moxie Cycling
    • LifeSpa
    • Girls on the Run
    • Honey Stinger
    • El Dorado Water
    • Runner’s Roost
    • Skirt Sports
    • Califia Farms
    • HiBall
    • The Tube
    • Skoop
    • Love Grown Foods
    • Binnie’s Coconut Butter
    • Ripple Foods
    • Kicking Horse Coffee
    • Health-Ade Kombucha
    • Colorado Threads
    • MALK Organics
    • Casey Windows & Doors
  9. Gildan Esprit de She Red Rocks is an incredible value. Gildan Esprit de She Red Rocks is not only the first female-focused fitness event at Red Rocks, it’s a new take on triathlon where participants can take part in yoga, running and an amazing concert experience all at one venue. Besides getting your fill of fitness and fantastic live music, your All Access Pass includes one-of-a-kind Gildan Esprit de She memorabilia and goodies, including:
    • Be Your Potential MPG performance tank ($40 value)
    • Finisher’s medal with removable charm (runners only; priceless)
    • Complimentary beer or glass of wine for 21+ ($8 value)
    • Jana Kramer concert ticket ($35 value)
    • Gift bag provide by Natural Grocers filled with freebies
    • Event parking
    • Free event photos courtesy of The Vision Council

 All combined, the event value is more than $125!

Are you as excited as we are? Grab your All Access Pass now, invite your friends and we’ll see you for a fabulous afternoon at Red Rocks on October 22!

August 2016

Do You Need Sports Drinks? Tips from a Sports Dietitian

Wondering if sports drinks are a necessary part of your training? Trying to decide which sports drink is right for you? Learn what to look for and what to avoid – and how to avoid marketing hype – with these guidelines.

Since Gatorade hit the collegiate football scene in 1965 — the answer to the University of Florida players being plagued by electrolyte and carbohydrate losses during practice — sports drinks have become ever present, sought after by everyone from eight-year-old soccer players to long-distance triathletes, and all varieties of athletes in between.

Do You Need Sports Drinks? Tips from Sports DietitianBut do you really need what’s in that bottle?

Electrolytes, Calories, or Both?

Since I live, train and coach athletes in nutrition in Arizona, electrolyte replacement is at the forefront of my mind, especially during the oh-so-scorching summer months. But it is important to differentiate between the need to replenish electrolytes (sodium) and the need to replenish calories. Many products have both calories (in the form of carbohydrates) and electrolytes.

A lot of workouts aren’t long enough to require calorie replacement, but they do require electrolytes, especially when it’s hot. So the superfluous calories a person consumes as part of that calorie-laden sports drink are then stored as fat in the body — not cool. Unnecessary carb intake during workouts does not encourage the body to utilize internal fat stores for fuel; it just makes the body more reliant on dietary carbs and messes with blood sugar.

When Do You Need a Sports Drink?

There are times when workouts require calorie replacement and when a sports drink can make sense and add convenience. Generally, workouts longer than two to three hours require calorie replacement. If you’re working out at high intensity, or in a very hot and or humid climate, you’ll likely require calories sooner.

Shorter workouts, lower intensity workouts, and those in mild climates often do not require calorie replacement but demand electrolytes. In this case, implementing a low- or no-calorie electrolyte replacement option into your training regimen is a good idea. Examples of electrolyte-only replacement include NUUN, Elete, UCAN Hydrate, Salt Stick, and Base Salts.

Think about the type of workout you have that day, and hydrate accordingly. Don’t just default to a sugar-loaded sports drink.

What About Ingredients?

Ingredient lists are important in my world, and as an athlete, you should be even more concerned about the fuel going into your body. When considering a sports drink, check the label. Do you know what all of the ingredients are? Yellow 6? Red 40? These are dyes that have been linked to cancer. Why are they in your sports drink?

Search for a cleaner alternative. Sports drink manufacturers like BodyArmor and UCAN are striving for this: no dyes, natural flavors and higher quality sugars.

In Summary

Don’t succumb to the idea that because you are an endurance athlete, you must guzzle Gatorade or other sugary drinks like it’s 1965. Be kind to your body and search out better options: ones that refuel and rehydrate you without the risks or unnatural ingredients. And only use these drinks when the workout demands it.


Brooke Schohl, MS, RD, CSSD, METS Level II is a registered sports dietitian and the owner of Fuel to the Finish Endurance Nutrition Coaching in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is an avid triathlete and has completed many triathlons of all distances, including three IRONMAN races. She integrates that personal experience and knowledge into developing customized, sport-specific, metabolically efficient fueling plans for her clients. Brooke and her husband, John, own Destination Kona Triathlon Store in south Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information on services and offerings, visit her website